gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, today is the first day I've ever lost control of my car.

I was coming down Beacon (the steep section) just after the blizzard hit, and I'm not yet used to front wheel drive. Today I learned its drawback, as the front wheels of my car were locked with the engine, but the back wheels decided they'd love to slide free down the hill! I knew I had two choices, I could accelerate the front wheels to catch up the speed of the back, which would mean that if the road had no other cars I'd have the chance to gain control of both sets again.... but there was a car at a stop sign in front of me. So, I had to go with the other option. I jammed on the brakes letting the car swing sideways, aimed for the curb, and prayed.

Fortunately, the curb was high enough to stop me, and there's no damage to the car (or me), but I was shaken for a couple hours after. Man, did that suck ass.

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