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Ok, intial class assessment.

CS449, a brand new course, looks like it's going to be disorganized. However, it's going to be fairly easy for me as it's designed for students two years behind me in the CS program, and I'll end up knowing how to program PalmOS at the end (including making one Wacom-like tablet of a Palm at some point).

CS1550, the course I thought would be hell. From the reports of a student who took it just last semester, the homework will be very difficult, and one assignment wasn't even finished by any of the students. However, the prof for that is a really neat guy, and will prolly make the whole thing doable and much less hell than I thought it would be.

CS1502, CS math, basically. It's a logic course, and looks like I'll be playing around with logical structures, which is fun. However, the professor needs to take a valium before class or something, and learn to not rush through everything.

Myth and Science. I was *ecstatic* to learn that this course is actually offered through the Philosophy of Science department (though it's cross referenced with Classics, which is how it's fulfilling my Gen Req) -- the HPS (History and Philosophy of Science) dept is the top Philosophy dept in the nation (our general Philosophy dept is number two). I am really glad to take some advantage of this while here. Also, the prof is vibrant and smart and wants to get everyone discussing everything, and the idea of the course is a history of Science and how it's sprung out of Myth and how the two have interrelated since. Neat stuff to me!

Tai Chi. Ok, I haven't actually done the first of these yet.... the instructor is still flying in from China.... :)

So, summary, looks like it's going to be a good semester, though I'll have a lot of homework (already have three assignments). So, less stressful than I thought in hell, but prolly making up for it in work. Heh.

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