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ranty rant rant.


If you have a red light, don't turn right without looking to see if someone is GOING THROUGH THE INTERSECTION ON THEIR GREEN LIGHT.

If you then finally stop once said person with the actual right of way honks their horn for 5 seconds, don't then pull up on their bumper at the next light to make sure they can see you making fun of them.

That fucker is so lucky I have a bad back. I nearly got out of my car and demanded he call the cops to learn the fucking law.

I hate people.

In better news, it was cool seeing my brother and his wife at the club tonight. Though, the music sucked -- I didn't like 80's metal music in the 80's, and it has nothing to do with Goth/Industrial.... I mean, I really like having non-G/I music played at clubs, but not when G/I music becomes the occasional exception at a G/I night.

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