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Ok, so I've been snowed in at mom's for the past two days, so pretty much offline and out of touch. I'm back at home now, but after shoveling her walk, digging mine and a neighbor's car out, then coming home to shovel my walk... my back is completely thrown out. Dammit.

So, if anyone can at all help me the next two days, I'd really really appreciate it. I desperately need to clean my house and move some boxes to the basement, and with my back thrown out like this (it's really bad), I'll not be able to lift anything. Please help me lift the boxes? Please?

Ok, also with me being at mom's, I got to see the whole Saddam thing and GWB press stuffs on TV, so ... I of course have an opinion on it.

Anyone else notice how nervous and defensive GWB seemed?

As for the thought that this will change anything over there... well, the thing is, they assumed some sort of pyramid structure of insurgency where Saddam ruled it from hiding. What they found is a coward (like some of us knew he'd be) controlling nothing. The violence there isn't some funded thing from Saddam or foreign terrorists, it's the Iraqi people feeling that they're defending their own land from us. Before the violence against us ends, either we have to brainwash the people against themselves or we'll have to leave. Oops!

On GWB himself.... I want to only call attention to one question he answered, the one where he was asked if this meant anything for North Korea. His reponse was, paraphrased, that since 9-11, we've had to take all threats seriously, we could no longer act with "complacency" and pick and choose our threats, we'd have to respond to them all, and this is why we needed to deal with the Iraqi threat, and not North Korea.

So, uh, wait. I'll leave out the obvious part there about how he just contradicted himself and made no sense, but uhm. You're at a press conference discussing the coward you just pulled from a hole, and still insisting he has been a threat in the past three years? Please. He was *never* a threat to us.

Lastly, do I think there should be international or local trials for Saddam? International, actually. The man deserves to live long enough to see his face forgotten; it would be the worst torture he could ever have. Furthermore, it'd be harder for us to rig the international trials. And I just listened to a report from NPR on the rigging of local Iraqi trials (easy to rig when there's NO RULES SYSTEM IN PLACE for it) by our bringing in "experts". And, uhm, tell me... are these experts also subject to the same list as who can be our contractors? Why, yes, of course!

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