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While I'm waiting for my paper to print out...

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band: Snog (this should be a laugh)

Are you female or male: are you normal enough?
Describe yourself: Semi-violent
How do some people feel about you: real wise yuppie
How do you feel about yourself: hooray!!
Describe your girlfriend/boyfriend: Late 20th Century Boy
Describe where you want to be: The Future
Describe what you want to be: The Human Germ
Describe how you live: Light, yet refreshing
Describe how you love: Fill My Hole
Share a few words of wisdom: is there no-one that can save us from today?
Bonus Wisdom: Make the Little Flowers Grow

Note: All of the above may or may not actually apply. I stretched some "truths" to provide more amusement for myself.

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