gwen (gwenix) wrote,

this weekend...

Well, it's been a long weekend, and there will be pictures ultimately. Suffice it to say, the plan that vocis and I cooked up came together excellently. We turned our friends into The Village People for lokipgh's birthday, and they hammed it up just as expected. I love my weird ass friends. :)

Aside from that, I did spend most of the weekend offline. This should be amazing to most of you who know me. I just needed a mini-break, and my social life was being busy.

So, Saturday night I went to two parties and Ceremony. I saw lots and lots and lots of people, too numerous for me to list (many of whom are lj users), and had a ball. I first went to the White Trash party where a lot of usually goth types were dressed in tie dyes, torn t-shirts, daisy shorts, wife beaters, and whatever else they could find. Aleris kept yelling at me for taking his picture "IN THIS FUCKING BALLCAP". It was great.

Then I went dropped Aleris off at his place, couldn't find Kevin and Joe, so went over to Ceremony for 45 mins to see if I could find them. They weren't there, and mari needed to head over to The Mattress Factory's 25th Anniversary Party, so I went back to Aleris/Dougie's place for the party.

Then mari and I got 6 of our friends (Chez as the cowboy, Baldrob as the sailor, Carter as the construction worker, Aleris as the cop, Joe as the biker, and Bleys as the Indian) to dress up as the characters of The Village People as a surprise birthday gift to Dougie. Oh wow did it go over soooo well. Dougie was bright red with laughter by the end.

After that I got drunk and talked gaming with most of my friends there. Twas lots of fun. I sobered up around 5am and took Kevin and Joe home, so did miss the Boondock Saints showing in the morning.. but I did get to see the Sunday church people at my house for a bit.

Then I headed over to Geoff's and we installed win XP on one of my spare servers.

Yes folks. Not only did I avoid the internet all weekend long, I now own a windoze machine. Good christ, what's becoming of me?

Ok! Now it's time for me to run off to class!

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