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Yay Lunars!

You know, I just realized that all my music so far is pretty mainline
EBM/technoindustrial crap. Sorry about that, I'm working on my
work "thumpthumpthump" playlist; which means that I dumped a bunch
of likely bands onto the list and as something that comes up that
doesn't go *thud thud thud* all the time, I remove it. So, I work
on these playlists for days. I want a thumpthumpthump playlist
since it's pretty easy music to keep me motivated as ignorable
background music.


We hashed out our Lunars concepts today, sounds like a good party in
the making; fairly balanced with a good bunch of people in the right
spirit for it. I looked at the 80 page list of charms as well, and
basically asked about five times, "only 8 starting? man, shoot!"

And, uh, that's it in my fairly boring-to-most-people day. Oh,
Dee will be interested in the following event: my car goes into
the shop tomorrow morning. Hopefully it returns in a much better
shape (I've taken to screaming at it while driving, "RUN HAMSTERS
With luck, I'll have the money to even get it inspected and
registered before I have to take it across the border!

And now, I work. Looks like (shock shock) it's a night for ..


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