gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Four girls on South Street, I'm the shortest of the lot, none of us are particularly girly. Where was the most money spent? Well, the CD store of course. Next most money? Anarchist bookstore. Awww yeeeah. But the biggest question? How many tourists did we terrify? I didn't count. :)

Missed Patrick this trip, very much alas, but I do get my car back tomorrow, yay!

Oh, and, a tractor trailer blocking all traffic on the SureKill (I can never spell the real name) highway out of Philly means a 2 hour shortcut back to Sarah's. Doh!

Looks like we're coming back tomorrow night, depending on how we feel. There's a chance we decide to wait until Sunday morning, but that's pretty unlikely really. Thus, I'll spend Sunday getting the stuff done I'd meant to do while here, and didn't. I'll prolly also be thinking about going to Punk Karaoke. Anyone else up for it this weekend?
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