gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Ok, doing this meme from neuronaut23

first real kiss: A back to school party with a certain boy who is now engaged to my best friend, started my first relationship. He also swallowed an earring.
first job: Babysitting for the neighborhood. I actually had a pretty hefty enterprise in high school going there.
first purchased album: that I purchased? hmmm. There's a good chance it was the Phantom of the Opera tape, but somehow I don't think so. I think the first CD I purchased myself was The Cure's Disintegration. Bought for me would be one of the Sesame Street albums on vinyl. Dad wanted us to learn from an early age (he was a DJ all through college of classical music, my mom's house still has his extensive collection) of vinyl records so that we wouldn't harm his if we'd ever were to use them, so he bought us vinyl for our own record player. And he was SUPAH anal about the care of them. Some of that is very much reflected in how I deal with my CD collection.
first funeral: I don't know. It might have been Eloise's (family friend who died of cancer when I was a preteen/early teen). Either that or some family member I didn't know. I'm not sure of the timing of those. Judy's (another family friend taken by cancer) was the first funeral I sang at. Hmmm... now, what you might think is weird about this paragraph is that I remember the family friends very vividly, but have no idea about the somewhat remote family members. You must understand that my extended family growing up was not my bloodline, but rather my parent's group of friends. Eloise and Judy were both very strong role models for me growing up. And both were "Aunts" to me.
first pets: Many goldfish with some spelling of the word "fish". First cat was Demeter, who was hit by a car within a year. Second cat was Turkle, who was with us for much of my brother's and my life (until almost exactly a year ago).
first piercing: ears, standard teenage girl piercings. I rarely wear earrings anymore.
first true love: Now, if the concept of "TRUE love" were real, wouldn't the first true love be the last and only?
last disappointment: As seen in my LJ, this morning.
last soda drank: Dr Pepper, of course.
last shirt worn: Pinburgh '03 shirt. Figured I was going to the Beehive, so might as well wear a shirt from an event sponsored by it. :)
First Concert: Dead Milkmen, 1987.
Last concert: Masquerade '03, with Razed in Black headlining.
first computer: TI 99/4a, shared with my brother. First computer all to myself was a Mac Classic (original)
Last Computer: Do you really want the listing of all of the archaic frankenstein equipment I run my life on? I thought not. :)

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