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Public post for Kelly

As I was driving home tonight, the rain on the roads was deep enough to cause me to hydroplane at 30mph. So I slowed down, and thought of k3llya and her recent accident. The last I was shown her posts (sorry, with the exam today, I've been remiss in reading the friends list again), she was questioning her actions, what could she have done better?

Well, Kelly, you shouldn't be questioning what you did wrong, you should be looking at what you did right. You see, I learned to drive late for an American -- the age of 19. I was in Salt Lake City myself at the time, and so that's where I attended driver's education. My instructor for the course had a daughter in one of the very huge pileups out there, one of the ones that was 100-200 cars, and had a story that I never forgot. You see, that day was also rainy, and everyone was hydroplaning. And his daughter witnessed the car to her right hydroplane into, and under, the back end of the semi in front of the car, decapitating the driver.

Kelly, please forgive the horrible pun, but you kept your head about you in, from what I can tell, was a very similar position. As a result, you saved lives, including your own. For that I am very grateful.

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