gwen (gwenix) wrote,

round of pictures, mostly pretty bad.

I took some pictures around here, and then on the way to Pechin's. The ones around here were because I could, and the ones on the way to Pechin's were to sorta capture the feel of what towns around Pittsburgh look like. So, for the better ones..

I took this one to show just how shitty the new yuppie complexes being built really are. Note how close they are to the river's edge, and how boarded up it is right there. Unfortunately, the pictures with the train going just past them (between them and the river) didn't come out so well, but you can imagine the racket that would be. Also note for those who don't live here, houses down there are subject to very large river rats. Like, they're bigger than small dogs. Now, each one of those yuppie townhouses costs? Probably on the order of $200,000. I hope they get their money's worth!

This one is very photoshopped, obviously. I wanted to get the old feeling into them... plus the original just didn't turn out very well otherwise. The blue house is all boarded up, next to the clearly recently remodeled victorianesque yellow house. This is very common in the greater Pittsburgh area, post-steel mill collapse. Abandoned properties are found even here in the city (in fact, there are a few of them within a couple of blocks of me) left when people fled the area as jobs became scarce. Conversely, many homes are also being built up, rebuilt, or razed and built anew very nearby as the families that owned them for years sold to younger folks seeking cheaper residences (something also seen very readily in my neighborhood, in fact I'm living in a rebuilt house).

I took this to show how the hills dominate over the towns south of us. Mmm, pretty. I wish I could have stopped and gotten a better picture without the power lines interfering.

And that's the only picture out of the entire batch that I took that I actually liked. It really shows the insanity of our towns trying to build on the terrain given us, building up walls to support the foundations of houses above, and roads that twist and turn through the hills. It has its own certain charm in its chaotic way.

Ok, and that's my brief tour through some of the finer points of the greater Pittsburgh area. The rest of the pictures I took are here.

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