gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, as I'm driving from Pechin's to Uniontown behind deviant1, my cell phone rings. I pick it up to stare at the screen momentarily to see who's calling (thought it might be Pegritz), when at that very instant I hear Jeff saying something over the walkie-talkie. Since my cycles are processing cell phone screen, I delayed processing what he said for another instant when suddenly a very large object jumps in front of my car. Oh, he said, "Watch out! Deer!" So I jammed on the brakes, cursed a lot, listened to the tires screech, and watched the deer bound across the road and over the other side safely. Jeff tried to ask me if I was OK over the walkie talkie three times, the first two times I'm sure he heard nothing but more cursing from me. The third time I finally was able to say, "I'm fine. I'm just surprised."

Very cool time though, was much fun to see Pegritz, and he was certainly the best person to watch the latest Matrix with. See, he had already seen it, and shares a sense of humor with me, so I could make comments to him about stuff all the while, and we could giggle madly. Made it much more enjoyable.

Ok, now, don't kill me. I liked it better than 2. Like, the dialogue seemed to have been written by a 10 year old boy with no concept of anything, as was most of the script. But damn, the mechas were too, and we all know that 10 year old boys have the BEST robot concepts! I know the CGI could have been better, but holy cow, I think I creamed in my pants watching them go! That ruled! The rest of the movie? Well, it was much fun to MST3K. :)

Also, I think Neo is actually a machine. That was so hinted by, well, everything.

Oh yah, one last thing. Pechin's rules. Not for the cafe like everyone was talking about to me all this time, but for the grocery store! I got my groceries for $40! Yay!

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