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so, uh

So, after my vow to sleep until 5pm today, my roomie woke me up at
2:30 reminding me of the incoming carpet cleaners, erg. So I got
up, ran to the bank to deposit my paycheck (and extract cash for
the cleaners), and got back in time for them to show up. Then they
do some measuring, and tell me that despite my coupon for $7.95/room,
it'll cost us $287 to get the three rooms done (we were only asking
for the first floor to get done). After much haggling, I got it
down to $150, including some lifetime warranty that extends to any
place I move to. Ok, I can accept that.

And the first floor looks just magnificent now. Like, Pooka and
Bull spent most of today cleaning it out ahead of my waking up,
then I helped until the cleaners showed up. The only place not
completely clutter-free at this point is the stereo system (mail
depot), which I'll get to later this weekend. The kitchen floor
also needs a mop (I'm stopping at Giant Eagle on my way home from
work in the morning and picking one up); but other than that, it's
all dusted, clean, and positively *sparkling*! And the carpet is
bright, white, and smells so absolutely fantastic -- it clearly
hadn't been cleaned before we moved in.

Just as the cleaners leave, the storm rolls in.

And while it was windy, so are all storms on Mt Washington. We
closed most of the windows, picked up Settlers of Catan, and headed
up to the Entertainment Room to play it (the dining room table is
stuffed with chairs until the floor dries), and watched the flag
try to fly off in the wind and the lightning come down while we
play. For about 10 minutes. And another 5 minutes later on in
the evening. It honestly wasn't that spectacular a storm as storms
go up on our hill.

Then my mom calls... she's trapped in her house because a cable
wire's down by her car in the driveway, so she can't really get
out. Oh, and there's no power at her place... oh, and she's on
the cell because she also has no phone service. wow. Now I read
that there were tornado warnings and rides at the local amusement
park collapsing, and friends posting about the destruction all
around them in the East End, etc etc... and I think of how we were
just calmly sitting in the second floor TV room casually playing
a board game. Awesome. :)

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