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Dreamt that I was at a party, with all the same people as were at Dougie's. The dream wasn't really all that terrible before I fell asleep at the party, just typical of that sort of party. I mostly talked to mari anyway. Then after I woke up at this party, I discovered that a lot of people had these portable IVs in them. Then suddenly I realized I did too. Mari said, "Well, we had them done due to some sort of poisoning. I figured it was from, you know, the usual reasons, but not if you have one in." After a bit more investigation, discovered some guy running out the door... he'd put them all in himself. I was also muchly freaking out, because he'd done so badly, and everything had a tendency to occasionally start spurting blood everywhere. But I also realized after he ran out that I didn't need it, so I could just remove it and put a bandaid on my hand (where the IV was pulling from). Then I woke up.

For those of you who don't know this, the reason this was probably the worst nightmare of my life.... I have a terrible phobia of veins, specifically the fragility of them, and especially IVs where not only are veins penetrated, I can then feel them as the cold liquid pours in and flows up my arm. Like, I've seriously had therapy just so I can get blood drawn.

Argh! I'm freaking out again! Dammit!
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