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uhm. They've got to be kidding.

In U.S. Case for Helping Iraq Suffers a Setback,

The United States is doing everything it can to fight their fears. All over the city, the occupying authorities have put up large billboards featuring bucolic scenes of date palms arched over a river bank. Inspirational messages are splashed over the pretty pictures. "Baghdad is getting better," says one.

hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahha. No, really, see the pictures of palm trees? Please forget the nightly gunfire (which is reported by all Iraqis as a way of life in Baghdad these days), and the imposed curfews, oh, and the lack of government.... not to mention the daily killings ... everything is bright and sunny and happy now! Also, how lame can you get to say "things are getting better". I mean, LAME.

Ok, amusement done.

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