gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So last night was a long one. First there was the Cruxshadows/Thou Shalt Not concert, which was lots of fun, but very hot. I took a lot of pictures, then danced the rest of the concert, so was all kinds of sweaty when done. It was good to see my sis-in-law's little brother there, and Pooka's family! Even her very little sister!

Then it was onto the club portion of the night, so more dancing, and all the old crowd showed up again (all who were present at Anti-Flag), so we had much fun. Also much of the new crowd were there, so I got to play pinball with Ray and Don, etc. Took pictures of everyone again.

THEN! On to Dougie's Halloween party! Man, after an hour or two there, I was thoroughly exhausted, so gathered up Kevin, Joe, Rob and Rob's toy, took them home, then hit the sack myself.

All pictures from the whole night will be up soon, I'm processing them now. I'll post some of them here, of course. Much fun was had though!
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