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woot! Just saw Anti-Flag again, and lots of people from the old group of the Upstage/Laga/Babylon days were there (Howard, Wandi, Sonya, Boo, Rapier, Mikey, Carolyn, etc)! And Spaz was on stage for his House Destruction Party song! So of course many stories of that party followed among us. :)

The new CD is out too, I got a "limited release" copy, will see how that is soon. That was funny in and of itself, because you got a free copy leaving if you presented a ticket. Well, I got in via guest list (thanks to Howard -- the show was sold out otherwise, but Wandi told me later that she'd informed people to let her friends in regardless)... so I had no ticket. When I was asked for mine, I said, "I don't have mine," but he looked at me quizzically, then said, "Oh! Wait! Aren't you? Oh, here, have your CD!" I think he figured out I was hanging out with Wandi and Spaz. That made me laugh.

Ok, tomorrow I go see Cruxshadows. Hee!

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