gwen (gwenix) wrote,


So, finally took the ljmatch sexual compatibility thing...

aikon 70%
nukleardekay 64%
bryant 63%
kearsley 62%
adders 62%
eolh 61%
bk2w 55%
thewulf 53%
bluelang 51%
neuronaut23 50%
demiurgent 49%
andrewducker 47%
cusm 46%
yukon_jack 43%
adamjury 43%
gamera_spinning 38%
docredfern 38%
illusion_of_joy 38%
beeporama 37%
a_machine 37%
dirque 35%
chite 35%
fractumentis 34%
sk4p 34%
roniliquidity 33%
heron61 32%
vkz 31%
uberjames 29%
slog 28%
doktorvox 25%
k3llya 25%
ladyjestyr 24%
magentamom 22%
d33ann 22%
chrismaverick 21%
tyrsalvia 21%
lokipgh 18%
dorothymonkey 16%
narcissuskisses 16%
naiadea 16%
octal 16%
mizmoose 12%
40sw 10%
tryptophan 6%
How sexually compatible with me are you?
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Oh DON! It's so sad you're taken!!!! You better tell your girl to keep you close at the Shadyhouse Halloween party!!! Well, she can read this too, uhm, hi!

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