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woke up, got out of bed...

Actually, starting this entry before I woke up...

Called the airport this morning looking for my still-missing luggage.
After much waiting on hold, transferring departments, call-backs,
and whatnot, the guy who last saw my bag finally contacted me and
let me know he dropped it off with my next-door neighbor. Uh,
thanks dood. So I went to sleep about an hour later than usual.

I woke up to some weird noise elsewhere in the house -- though very
faint, so I assumed it was actually coming from outside. Then I
realized my alarm wasn't going off. At first I considered that
this meant it was too soon to wake up, but as my brain unfuzzied,
I remembered that I was getting up about 5 hours after going to
sleep, so it's unlikely I just woke up at the appropriate time.
Argh, guess I should get up and check on this.

And oh look, my computer's crashed. In fact, it's so crashed, it's
got hard read errors galore. Well, is a good thing I have extra
parts and can just dump a new drive in there, but this is exceedingly
annoying, and what time is it anyway?

Ran downstairs, and discovered the source of the noise. My stereo's
playing Yami No Matsuei. Well, huh. Guess my cat stepped on the
remote and turned on the DVD player. Fortunately (looking at the
time) right when I needed to wake up too!

So, I got the drive going just enough to transfer the only directory
I care about on that machine (that isn't already backed up elsewhere),
then turned it off. I'll deal with an rsync across drives tomorrow.

Then I went to take a bath. While tossing the soaking wet bath
mat (still wet from yesterday's overflow) out the window, the next
door neighbor spots me and informs me that I can pick up my luggage
anytime. I say I'm about to take a bath, but will do so as I leave.

I did so, then picked up Aleris (amazingly *just* on time, despite
my car informing me that it needed oil on the way down the hill),
then we went to the Anime shop (I picked up a Cowboy Bebop hanging,
in lieu of not finding the fourth DVD of Trigun), then we went to

I'll do the game review a bit later tonight, but out of character,
this was probably the best session for me figuring out the character
sheet (FINALLY!). Spyder helpfully sat down and went over stuff
on the sheet with me, retuned a few details, and let me know that
I had more than just "dex+dodge" for defense -- which means I
*actually* have some defending power. In fact, a lot. So now I
can split my dice pool like it's meant to be with 12 dice, and
honestly be on par with the rest of the team. About time!!

I'm still somewhat angsting about random stuff though, but I think
I've pinpointed what, and will be dealing with that issue later
tonight. Woot. Ok, over and out.

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