gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Rant, rant

So, I just watched a local program where a guy was insisting that keeping "under god" in the Pledge of Allegiance is Freedom of Religion. Ok, I've heard this before, but it was a discourse show where not everyone agreed with him, and not a single person on that show pointed out that requiring the population of America to recite those two words is not Freedom of Religion, it is imposition of Religion.

And no one further pointed out that these two words have only been present for the past 50 years, even when the guy brought in the "The Founding Fathers" card (which is another erroneous assumption of course) in the context of this, implying that it has always been this way.

Well, it hasn't. If any one person wants to say "under god" or "under allah" or "under yhvh" or "under kali" or even "under satan", BY ALL MEANS, that should be their right to do so. But for my country to tell me which, or any, of the above I should stand under? That is not Freedom of Religion.... or in my case, lack thereof.

Thank you.
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