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Ok, a semi-real post.

Started out waking up before the alarm, so decided to spend some
of that extra time actually making myself a decent meal, then
watched an episode of Yami No Matsuei while drawing the bath --
forgetting the bath was being drawn in the process and overflowing
the tub, erg, oops.

Went to class and spent most of the time learning what jdm and
Runtime.gc were from Alex since I'm looking at the memory hog that
is Java, and really wondering why anyone actually programs in it
at this point. I mean, it's obvious to me now why schools are
teaching it -- it does show the concept of OOP exceptionally well
to any student learning it, new or experienced, but the simple program I've created already uses up 1% CPU starting
up. Well, ok, it's the VM, Kaffe, that's actually doing that, but
that's worse! There's gotta be a better solution, sigh.

In any case, class itself followed the textbook, and then had a
discussion about how we're moving too quickly in the material, so
it looks like we're going to spend the next two weeks just reviewing.
Whee. However, we might be getting an awesome long term project
in three installments for the final weeks, that would *rule*.

Then I headed to Starbase One to see if they had the next Trigun
DVD yet, no, so went to Panera Bread and got dinner, then went to
Zombo's to meet up with Ray and Kashmira and play pinball. After
several Junkyard games (where I actually did pretty well, had an
on pinball night I guess), wandered into work.

And wandered into a server that'd crashed bad enough to have to be
restored from backups. The poor fellow dealing with it prior to
me was finding a failing kerberos root, so I fixed that, then I
took over the de-tarring process of all the backups. Whee.

Also checked turn and found that
I didn't discover the adventure I thought I would (argh), and no
one's posted anything useful for Starnet Hacking, so I'm just going
to give up on this planet and head off somewhere I can get something
useful done.

And after this insanely long and geekly ramble about my day, I'd
just like to sum up with the point that.... wow is my life boring.

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