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Ok, I lied.

I must wish very very much luck to the expecting starherd. I'm assuming she's delivering now since she hasn't posted all day, and mentioned contractions yesterday.

For those who don't know the significance of this woman, she's one of my brother's best friends, and neighbors....and a former coworker of mine (from pair even!)

I figured this was important enough to continue spamming your friends' pages, so nyah.

On a less important note, I just realized that I was at a party that an Anti-Flag song is about. No, really, "Spaz's House Destruction Party". I saw it. It was. Lesson learned... never have a party saying, "I hate my landlord for kicking me out, so let's have a house destruction party!" and then invite all the local punks. Ooooo, wow. You'll get more than you bargained for.
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