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Oh yah, my one political commentary for the day, and it goes against all you guys talking about how stupid Cali is.

So, I'm actually grateful they got Ahnahld. Why? He can't become president. Wait, why is this something to be grateful for? Because every governor of Cali has his eye on the president position (I would say "her" as well, but I can't think of any in Cali). It's the biggest state. It has a lot of votes for any pres election. It's a good step in the door.

But not for Ahnahld. Yes, I've heard that republicans are already trying to amend that little piece of the Constitution, but there will be no 2/3's majority for the Terminator.

Ok, so why is anyone in Cali a bad choice for president? Because California is fucked, politically. No, seriously. There is no sense of cohesion out there. The northern ultra-liberals constantly fight the southern ultra-conservatives, and instead of finding a happy middle, they just end up with more and more extremist laws coming into effect. Sure! Medical marjuana passed, but so did the anti-gay marriage proposition! This isn't a way to run a country. This isn't even a way to run a state.

So what can the Kindergarten cop do for them? Nothing. Which is as much as any guy at the head of Cali can do. So I say, so what? They have another dumb actor as their head of state, and for once, he can't then leap to the presidency.
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