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Ok, this article is surreal: Guardsmen investigated after marrying Iraqis

Er, wait. Uhm. No, really, wait a moment. He added that the sergeant major told him "Muslims and Christians just don't jive together." Er, uhm, yah.

In other news, people are still looking for WMDs. You know, it's been six months. I think next they're going to tell us that they found cold fus... er.. chemical weapons in a bathtub. Oh wait! "he said the deadly toxins were stored in the scientist's family refrigerator" ... that's just funny.

Whoops, Senator Says Tech Firms Risk Peer-To-Peer Suits,

Sen. Orrin Hatch warned the technology industry on Friday that it could face consumer lawsuits if it does not help stop the distribution of music, pornography and other material over "peer-to-peer" networks.

Actually, uhm, no. Read your own Telecom Act, because I did way back when. It specifically says that internet service providers are not responsible for criminal acts it does not know about taking place on its system. Nice thought, nice warning, but I don't think it will fly.

Woo! UN Anti-Cloning Treaty Seen Heading for Collapse. Thank god. I mean, really, if we must ban, can we please ban something that's actually meaningful?

Wait, before you get up into arguments over that remark, let me point out something. I was squishy about cloning too, then I read someone who very frankly, very bluntly, and very pointedly said, "So what's the problem with it?" Oh, hrmmm. Ok, so, we now have the ability to make someone's identical twin, in essence, but without the environmental sameness to help them out. So, I know at least one of you out there is an identical twin, and I know that the "copy of me" effect just ain't there. And there's the problem, it's not. So the reactionary, "Oh my god, clones of evil dictators or strange cult leaders will run rampant on the earth!" ... well, that's just not possible.

However, what does it ban? Cloning stem cells allows a lot of organ reproduction, so that people who need organs but have no suitable donors (most of them) can then get them. This is also (as Superman keeps telling us) the only way we can regenerate nerve growth, crucial in helping paralyzed patients. This is also an incredible way for brain tissue to be regenerated. Or any other cell in the body, because a cloned stem cell is capable of becoming any cell it needs to be. That's the most incredible part about a stem cell, and that's why it can be proved absolutely invaluable to medicine.

But, you know, we might clone G. W. Bush, and that would just be terrible. So let's ban it!

And last but not least, I'm posting something from the business news, U.S. Profits Set to Soar But Economy Still a Drag. That's really not something I ever want to hear. Particularly when I'm quitting my job.

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