gwen (gwenix) wrote,


I'm sick with fever, sore and swollen throat, coughing, earache, etc... and I'm sitting in my office on solo duty. This is the second time I'm sick in two weeks, my schedule is just killing me. And now my transfer to evening shift is being delayed for an indeterminate amount of time. My mom was encouraging me to quit tonight.

On the upside, my skin is grey. I feel like an alien. It's pretty cool.

Other than that, took the psych exam this week, waiting for the results from that one. And thanks to Craven and darsovit, I'm pretty close to finished with my current programming project. It's due Monday night, but I'm pretty sure I can get it done well ahead of the deadline. I don't know about Punk Karaoke yet (Neil, call my cell at some point to see if I can come out), but I won't be panicking trying to finish it 2 hours ahead of the deadline this time.

So, yah, sorry I'm not so interesting these days. Pretty much it's stress, stress, more stress, so much stress I'm getting sick, and no end in sight.

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