gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Finally, a decent commentary on the problems that the WTO gives to developing countries.

Also, I need not post the link since it's in every major newspaper, but GWB has admitted that there are not ties between Saddam and 9/11. He does maintain that there are links to al Queda, but you know .... we have stronger links. Like, uhm, we trained Osama bin Laden?

This article from Reuters has an interesting paragraph:

Making streets safe is a top priority in a country where poorly equipped Iraqi police struggle to combat street crime while U.S. troops focus on battling foreign guerrillas and Iraqi fighters loyal to ousted President Saddam Hussein.

And if you've ever wondered why environmentalism is so important, this article shows it very clearly. Basically, it's been shown that there's been a 20% reduction in the tree canopy in the past 10 years, which has "contributed to a rise in respiratory diseases in the United States." Benefits of a stronger tree canopy are cooler temperatures and less pollution. The group American Forests claims that this tree loss has cost us $234 billion. That's quite an effect, folks.

Ok, back to the server upgrade.

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