gwen (gwenix) wrote,

I just slept 16.5 hours.

I had a really intense dream that was set in the world of Old Pittsburgh (lots of wood and faux Victorian architecture, if local, think the incline, Kennywood's older coasters, and the Frick House)... but occasionally a jet would show up. We were chasing someone, it was me, my mom, and our cats. I had a kid too, he was about 10, and he had a cat too. And this strange guy from a circus kept showing up to give us infodump, only he'd show up with the circus into my basement (oh yah, this all started with me buying a house). And we'd party all night long while getting infodump. At some point he showed up and I was also trying to protect a leprechaun who was disguising himself as a shot glass (bad choice among party people). I had to get rid of the circus people, though, because they kept killing things with great bloody messes on my floor. And my kid's cat was the smartest of us all, and always knew what to do. Oh yah, and I was engaged to a Prince with a waterfall for a pool. But I think he was behind it all.

So, uhm, yah. I'd actually go through the dream in linear progression, but I have to be on campus in two hours, and I'd eat up one of those hours just typing it all out. It was the kind of dream that makes me wish I could write though.

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