gwen (gwenix) wrote,

In class, can't talk long. I got home early from work yesterday morning, feeling very sick, only to find my cat having what looked to be a stroke. I spent all morning trying to locate a vet that would see him right then, and wasn't out in timbuktu... when I finally found one, imighthavelied was going to pick me up to get me and Maxx there... but she managed to get into a car accident on the way. So, going to take Maxx to a vet this afternoon with mom.

Missed work last night too... after being frantic all day long yday, I was even sicker last night than I was in the morning. Sigh.

Though, Maxx is looking better now. Though.. he's lost a lot of weight in the past month. He's prolly 8 lbs now... when normally he's 13+.

Not my week. :(
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