gwen (gwenix) wrote,

This post is mostly for dee, because I know she'll enjoy the story.

I'm mostly silent right now since I'm working on the code for class. So far I've put in 24 hours on it in the past week, and I'm not close to done yet. Sigh.

It's fun, but insane.

So, last night while stressing out about this code, I went to Mom's to relax. Tried to go to bed at 11pm, but at midnight I ended up on the front porch pen and papering a good chunk of code.

While I was out there, somewhere around 1am, I suddenly heard someone whistling. Well, it SOUNDED like someone whistling, but the whistle was too perfect to be any actual person. And it was all echo-ey, like it was around the corner, someone walking up the cross street... and then I realized what the tune was. The X-Files Theme. Please note there was no other sound going on, just this perfect whistling rendition of the X-Files Theme. I stared, but no one appeared on the corner... then as suddenly as it started, it stopped.

Then out of nowhere, heavy machinery noise came from the same area. Then that stopped too, and it was back to the sound of crickets.

I blinked lots, then put my nose back into my code. Decided it was best to just ignore it for the time being.

But it just solidified my realization that my Mom's street is creepy. Like, I live where the fog settles and you can't see 3 ft a lot, but that's somehow really comforting after living at my Mom's growing up. Creepy things like that just keep happening at her place. No wonder she's insane about locking her doors when she's home.
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