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Ok, so, I seem to have lost my wallet in my house. This is very annoying since I can't really get anywhere without it (it not only has my money, driver's license, etc... it has my bus pass, and with my car being so undrivable right now, I need the bus!) The last time I saw my wallet, I was carrying it upstairs to pay a bill over the phone yday morning, when I suddenly realized it was Labor Day ... so they weren't open. Well, I figured if I left it by the phone, I'd forget it, so I carried it .... somewhere.

It's a day later, I've searched the whole house seven times, no wallet. argh!

So, of course, I just took a break from looking for it by catching up on LJ posts for the past week. I have major *hugs* for the Peterborough folks, who seem to have a wave of bad luck going on up there, and pegritz. Geezus guys, you're making my wallet losing feel like a walk in the park.

Other than that, I'm already behind in my homework. I slept 12 hours last night instead of doing my studies, oops. Ah well, the sooner you fall behind, the more time you have to catch up, right?

Ok, off to go look for that damn wallet more.

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