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when i'm bored

Finished the work I had to do around 4am, so have been finding ways
to do something productive in the meantime. I've sorted all of my
geek mail and my slackers mail account, fixed my links script
( so that it gives
category tags at the top if there are more than 5 categories in
the links list for that page, and helped with her pair
issues. Yay.

The Lunars creation stuff doesn't start until 8:30 tonight after
all, so I'll have time to work on more camping gear arrangement,
yay! Maybe I'll even have time to read more Exalted!

I kinda wonder if I have too much on my plate for the next couple
months, what with camping, International Vampyr Daisy Day, Nick
Cave, VNV Nation, school starting, and, uhmmm, either Drac Ball
or MarCon. I'm considering dumping the last simply so I can
get some rest, but that's the last event of the long string,
so who can know how I'll feel closer to it.

We'll see I guess.

Ok! Home time!

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