gwen (gwenix) wrote,

So, uh, hi.

I've been offline all weekend, I'll catch up later tonight from work.

School started!

Which is really good news. I got my class buddy back in my CS class, that should be good. It's going to be a tough one though, it's going to meander between C/C++ (*) and Java... While I've done C/C++ in the past, and I look at C/C++ fairly frequently, it's been something like 8 years since I've done any real programming in it. And we'll be doing pointer work... so this will be interesting.

I had to rearrange my classes, since I was hoping to move to evening shift by this semester, and that didn't happen. So, my classes were really badly timed. I did so, but now I'm going to class roughly 6 hours after I'm able to go to sleep for my usual work schedule. Well... I just did something I'm going to hate myself for, I'm sure.

I just volunteered to work Saturday nights.

What this means? Well, it means I'll survive this semester, period. It was necessary to do. But it also means no Ceremony, no travel, no life. But I'll survive somehow. I think I'll just have to reward myself by taking time off as soon as school ends just to get out of town and stuff. Sigh.

Wish me luck!
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