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Ok, haven't done this in a few days.

Er, what?

Chief justice not backing down in Ten Commandments case

"The people of this state elected me as chief justice to uphold our constitution, which established our justice system on invoking the favor and guidance of almighty God," Chief Justice Roy Moore said Thursday. "To do my duty, I must acknowledge God. That's what this case is about."

Our constitution only says "separation of church and state" last I checked. Am I missing something here?

Why is this top billing? Why is it only telling the side of the Christian Right? Bah.

For that matter, why are none of the top stories on CNN about the latest bombings in Iraq? Why is the "family friendly" news on top stories? Oh wait, perhaps this is all related... CNN can no longer deny the impact that the US Soldier deaths are having on the American public, so they're telling nice and comforting stories.

Reuters, on the other hand, has the information on the latest death, US Marine Becomes Latest Casualty of Iraq Violence. Top billing even.

Oh, here's another really interesting difference. From CNN, Iraq bombing could mean more troops:

This week's deadly bombing of U.N. headquarters in Baghdad could be a catalyst to win support for a Security Council resolution under discussion for weeks that would encourage more countries to send security troops to Iraq, officials said.

Meanwhile from Reuters, U.S. Faces Uphill Struggle at U.N. for More Troops

Despite worldwide anguish over the bombing of the U.N. compound in Baghdad, the United States faces considerable resistance in its quest to recruit more troops, police and money to help rebuild Iraq.

I mean, these are almost as if they're about two different subjects altogether. Oddly even, CNN references Reuters here:

Reuters reported that Russia's U.N. Ambassador Sergei Lavrov agreed with Duclos as did Wolfgang Trautwein, Germany's charge d'affaires, who called for a "wider U.N. role in the political field" and "broader military cooperation."

Meanwhile, Reuters itself had to say:

Michel Duclos, the deputy French ambassador, took the lead in criticizing the Bush administration, saying it had not even fulfilled its promise for an international board of advisors for a fund that would decide how to spend Iraqi oil monies.

"To share the burden and the responsibilities in a world of equal and sovereign nations, also means sharing information and authority," Duclos said.

What in the hell? I mean, CNN is the "most trusted newsource" why?

Ok, this is actually funny:

Bush Views Oregon Fires, Faces Protests

"There's too much confrontation when it comes to environmental policy. There's too much zero-sum thinking. What we need is cooperation, not confrontation," Bush said...

Uhm. Then cooperate. I mean, you've seriously destroyed more environmental policies than, like, anyone. That's not really cooperating on behalf of the environment.

Ok, this is great, Ashcroft Criticized for Talks on Terror

Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee, told Mr. Ashcroft in a letter that he should either "desist from further speaking engagements" or explain why they do not violate restrictions on political activities by government officials.

Whoa, that rules. You know, I should find out where he's speaking just so I can go see what he is saying. But then again, I'd prolly not be allowed in the door.

More ruling, Security May Not Be Safe Issue for Bush in '04

The wave of violent death this week in Iraq, Israel, Gaza and Afghanistan brought to the fore a reality that President Bush has been reluctant to discuss: Peace is not at hand.

Heh, yup.

And damn, I wish I'd known about this, Charting Path 40 Years After March : Activists on Mall to Push for Civil Rights and Other Causes. But, it's probably for the best I didn't. I'll be at the one locally tomorrow though.

Ugh. This is unsettling, Transgender Community Alarmed by D.C. Shootings

Activists in the transgender community, who have held several vigils in the past week, said Washington has emerged as one of the most dangerous places in the country for men who live as women.


So, there's lots more news today, but I just don't have time to go through it all. Now time to go back to my latest hell, SoBig.F breaks virus speed records. Yup.

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