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This week's installment of Lu-NARs

[As Spirit Eyes]

I regret that I seem to have missed the finding of this Manse;
I had returned to my tribe with 50 head for them to rejoice in my
compassion for them. After a grand party, I caught up in the events
of the tribe with my Sister; but I fear my interests are starting
to look elsewhere. I quickly and quietly left at break of dawn to
find the pack. I caught their scent within a couple days of travel,
but on the path of their most recent travel I was suddenly attacked
by something unknown.

I have never encountered something as these were, out of the blue
I was surrounded by a display of blue fire. I darted to cover,
then tried darting to the next cover so I could get in closer to
remove the source of the fire being shot at me, but I was caught
by two of these explosions. My shield was torn to bits by the
first, the second ripped much of the skin from my body. I was
forced to retreat to more solid cover and stop the bleeding.

While licking my wounds closed, I heard footsteps from the area of
those fire-dispensers; peeking over the ridge of the hill I took
as cover I saw my companions nonchalantly walking the very land
where I was attacked, but not being harmed themselves. I identified
myself, and Gengitsune moved to one of the fire-dispensers, assuring
me that it was ok to cross. I believe he said something else, but
I opted for speedy cover in the abode behind him over listening to
a history lesson.

After some rest, attunement, and healing (and teaching those "guns"
a lesson), I allowed for the history lesson. I learned that this
was a Manse, formerly managed by an Exalt of rather questionable
tastes in young boys. I will mention only briefly that the memory
crystals were not what I consider ... useful. The moving golem
interested Furious Lotus immensely, he has spent many hours over the
last few weeks practicing his martial arts with it. It didn't keep
my attention for long, though; I prefer the extensive library
in the back. Unfortunately, I have had to spend these same few weeks
learning the language of the Old Realm (which I practice by writing
this journal for you now). Gaum and Gengitsune also developed
skills in understanding Old Realm, and I am helping Gaum understand
the tomes of occult knowledge, as he has started his own journey
into the painful sorcery initiation.

[new page]

It is now six weeks we've been at this Manse studying our respective
arts. Gengitsune has returned from his time taking care of his
own people, and is starting to search for an improved Manse to keep
for them. I feel much more accomplished, and am now just starting
to look over the vast library, now comprehendable in my eyes. Gaum
left on a strange walk, insisting he had to pursue something of
his own. Lotus is showing noticable improvement in his sparring
with the Golem.

[new page]

Gaum has returned. He is clearly into his sorcery initiation, and
has met some Efreets who have informed him of a Manse for us and
Gengitsune's people. However, this Manse is not empty, apparently
guarded by three Exalts, one of the name of "Bending Reed", another
of the name of "Mountain Shattering Man". These appear to be
formidable foes for our pack, but we are confident as we leave.


quote of the night (issued by Hudson):

The other one is Bending Reed
And he is master of the Bow Indeed.

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