gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Today I had folks to dinner at my place, which was nice, I shall do that again sometime. Then deviant1, pegritz, eolh, and I headed to the John Prine concert at Hartwood Acres. It's an outdoors venue that hosts free shows all through the summer, I remember it from my youth (I've even been on that stage, it's where I was on stage before the biggest audience I'd been in front of -- we were told it was estimated around 10,000 back then), this is the first time I've been back as an adult. I should really head over there more often. Also, the show was good, John Prine is an old school folk/country artist of the sort I do like.

Then to Punk Karaoke where we didn't get a table inside, so met up with Neil and dirque and sat out on the patio and talked for ages. Then eolh and I watched Pump Up the Volume back at my place.

Good day!

But a random thought occurred to me after the film ended.... the idea of getting on, spreading your voice, getting your thoughts and ideas spread. Well, that's what makes this internet such a wonderful thing.

Ok, sleep now.
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