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My local government is pretty bad too.

For those outside of Pittsburgh, we have our own share of political problems which can be summed up in two words: Mayor Murphy.

This is the man who brilliantly decided that the old stadium that was still $37 Million in debt should be razed and two brand new stadiums built in its place... and this would somehow make us money (no, really!) And when the vote for this idea decidedly went against it? He did it anyway.

Yes, I was marginally active in the anti-stadium tax campaign back then, though my activism that round largely centered around distributing pamphlets at the polls. But hey, I digress.

Anyway, Mayor Murphy is pretty corrupt all around, everyone knows it, but for some reason he's hard to budge from office (the last round of elections passed enough distrust on the leading candidate against him that he remained).

The latest crap from his office is about how the city of Pittsburgh (once shiningly in the black, even during previous recessions) is now $60 Million in debt. However! This may not actually be entirely his fault, the budget cuts for states has been trickling down to major budget cuts for cities all over the nation (1), but given that he's razed the old stadium and put up two bright shining stars of money pits despite people voting against them, a lot of blame is being placed on him for our losses of police (200 layoffs) and public resources (bibi buses soon, and the public swimming pools just closed for the hottest month of the year).

So, this article from our local paper really amuses me. A lot. Thanks to lokipgh for it (btw, when are we going to dinner???)

(1) So, guess how GWB is paying for this $70 Billion war and his $650 Million tax cuts during a time of recession? Cut the money to the local governments! OK, that part is obvious. What's not obvious is just how un-Republican this is of him -- we're supposed to be for smaller centralized government, larger local government, right? Uh, guess not in the New Republicanism. Grrr.

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