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More on my exciting life...

What's on my desk? Well, not everything is on my desk, so I'll describe around it too.

On the desktop:

2 computer books
-- MySQL (New Riders)
-- Running qmail (SAMS)
1 office phone (never used)
1 pad of post-it notes
1 thing of paperwork for the office (Vanguard something or other)
1 120G hard drive (I haven't gotten it home yet)
1 Movie ticket for Pirates of the Carribean (er, trash, going now)
1 Dr Pepper bottlecap with the words "Winner 12-Pack Coupon" (prolly expired)
1 Workstation (with important numbers taped to the side)
1 Monitor (ViewSonic GS790, 19")
1 Keyboard (fully extended with wrist thing)
1 Logitech 3-button mouse on pair Networks mouse pad
1 power strip
1 cell phone (charging, with charger)
1 pack of cigarettes
2 random generic action figures (mom got them, don't ask)
1 Lord of the Rings light up cup.
1 desk organizer tray thing with light
-- 2 dry erase pens
-- 1 dried rose (work gave them to us post-911)
-- 1 highlighter
-- 1 black superbounce ball
-- 1 bottle of Advil

On the shelf above the desk:

19 Books (O'Reilly, mostly, plus The Complete FreeBSD)
1 PIII-667 CPU Motherboard with 384M RAM (also need to get home)
2 old Sun NICs (these are kinda random, the pizza boxes they go with are already home)
2 Burger King Lord of the Rings toys
2 squishy rocks (thank you beeporama!)

On the wall to my left:

1 index card with how to contact me when I'm not in the office (never used)
13 printed out comics

On the wall to my right:

2 Ghost in the Shell action figures, still in packaging (easier to hang this way)
1 "No War on Iraq & Freedom" button
1 Dry Erase board with memos to myself

Yes, I know this makes me no less boring. Or bored. We ran out of work again tonight, can you tell?

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