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On blackouts and my day...

I'm with starherd on the subject of blackouts. Although, rolling blackouts I've decided do suck. They aren't so exciting anymore, and people then take them for granted and do dumb stuff like run through stoplights turned off (you STOP at dark stoplights, people!) Ah well. But blackouts after a storm have always made me happy. Hey, is a good excuse to use the candles.

The sun is rising through the mist behind me, and it's gorgeous. Unfortunately, this also spells out another hot and humid day. Mind you, my house is actually pretty cool inside -- the insulation not only serves to keep heat in during the winter, it serves to keep heat out during the summer. But yesterday I went back over the entire house's worth of carpet (all three floors) with the vacuum, and finished the steam cleaning. I even did the stairs. By the time I was done, I was very very sweaty indeed (though, artbroken may continue to take the credit for that, I have sympathy for people with gall stones).

Today my plan is to sleep (didn't quite get enough of that yesterday.. insomnia had me up too early, then napping type of sleep in the evening), then hit Neil's bday party. vocis, if you actually read LJ today and find this, give me a call late afternoon? If I don't hear from you, I'll call when I wake up anyway to see if you want to go with me.

Uhm, that's about it I guess. Yup, my life is so exciting.

[edit later when I realized what I'd wanted to post about, I forgot to actually do so.]

Oh, and I actually do want to commend the US and Canadian people in charge of the faulty power grid for getting power back to a lot of people as quickly as they did. That had to have been tough, but when you realize that previous blackouts of that geographic size (like the one in 1965) have taken several days to restore power, yet this was in a time when the customer base had to have been vastly smaller.... well, I'm impressed at how much as been done so quickly this time. Really! I am!

Now, if only they'd stop pointing their fingers over the border at each other and figure out what actually happened. :)

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