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Some popup brought me into some dating site, took over my browser, did the usual annoying thing, yadda, or maybe I just clicked on a banner ad by accident, but anyway, I somehow got a dating site with a bunch of "men looking for women!" descriptions taunting my view. I had to read.

No, not for dating. Many of you know my fascination with classifieds. People have the most incredulous views of themselves, and have the most inept ways of expressing those views. Classifieds is the colossol failure in both systems, colliding into one explosion of .. well .. amusement for me. And the longer the classified is allowed to be, the worse it is.

Well, so, yah, I'm reading about some guy who tells you he's not pretentious three times in three paragraphs of malapropism while effecting eruditism in a manner second only to me, and the tears streamed from my eyes in both bleeding and laughter. I'll spare you that one, no really, thank me. But I'm posting because through those tears, I glanced at the next post, and then it struck me:

I want to be a writer. I like punk music and rap. I like to read mostly fantasy. I'm a nerd, well sorta. I live with my mum because my dad is a jerk. I can't stand preps and posers. For those of you who don't know what a prep is, it's a person that thinks they're better than everyone else because they dress better, look better, and have more money than most people. It is okay to have all of these qualities as long as you don't rub it in everyones face. A poser is someone who trys to be someone they are not. I'm not very religious but I am a Christian. I go to church about twenty days out of the year. I'm not very athletic. I walk, I bike, I swim. That's about as good as it gets. I'm kinda heavy but I'm not really heavy. I have blue/dreen/gray eyes. I have shoulder length brown hair with red and light brown highlights(natural). I don't have an overly large amount of friends but I'm not a loner either. I have a circle of close friends and we hang out and stuff. I shoudl probably tell you that I'm really into Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and just as a heads up, I have read all of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter books. I read both before the movies came out. umm. I'm running out of stuff to say so I'm gonna stop writing now.

Yes, he's 18. Yes, it so shows. And oh man, is that straight out of my teen years. I dated this guy how many times? Man, oh man.

18's legal, right? Oh wait, he's on the other end of the state. Well, I am planning to hit drac ball at the end of the month.....

Oh yah, 5arah and plexq, heads up, I'm coming out. I dunno if I'll crash at your place yet or not though, I gotta figure some stuff out. And rachellll, let Da Fanged One know I'll be pinging him when I figure said things out. :)

(and beeporama, I just realized I sent you mail from the email address I never check. Can you ping me when you've replied so that I actually find the reply?)

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