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[GEEZUS FUCKING KEERISTE!! This post was only saved by the wonders of
cut/paste and backscroll, even my computer is out to get me when I'm
trying to post about how my bad day went.]

So, today has sucked. I woke up with a splitting earache. Knowing
what this meant, I called the doctor. Conversation with the
secretary ran roughly as follows:

Me: I need to make an appointment with Meena this week.
Sec: I can fit you in on Tuesday.
Me: Well, I have an ear infection, and I'm getting on a plane on
Saturday. I really need to see her before that.
Sec: Well, I'll write down the information and pass her the message.
She'll call you back.

Two hours later, it was getting close to closing time, and still
no call. I call back and find out that Meena is *not* in the office
today, she was planning to pass along the message in the morning.
At 9am. 1.5 hours after I usually go to bed. After that point,
Meena would probably call me to come in *right then* to get my ear
looked at. Why is this so difficult to inform me the first round???

Ok, that being done, I took a nap as my ear was still splitting
and I had only gotten about 4 hours of sleep that day already
anyway. I meant to take an hour nap. I took a 2 hour nap. I wake
up, realize it's about 20 mins to class, and quickly get dressed
and run out the door. FORTUNATELY I didn't hit *too* much rush
hour traffic getting into Oakland and FORTUNATELY I found a parking
space right by the building. I park, look at the time -- I'm only
about 2 mins late at this point. I run into the building.

I get to the elevators, realize the button is lit for going up, uh
oh, bad sign. These elevators have a habit of breaking, you
understand. Well, I wait a bit anyway just in case... the elevators
do appear to be moving. I watch the numbers, one gets to the first
floor! But the doors don't open. Uhm.... then I watch the numbers
for the only other car moving, it gets to floor 4, 3, 2.... 2....
2.... 3, 4, ... WHAT?

Ok, fine, I take the stairs. Six floors of stairs. My class is
on the sixth floor. I'm running since I'm really late now. Pant
pant, backpack heavy with books for class and gaming. Run, flights.
Ok! On the sixth floor! Try the door to the level. It's locked.
Uh, locked. I kick it a few times hoping someone just *might* be
on the other side and can open it, but nope. Fuck. Back down the
stairs I go.

Back on the first floor I debate going to class, but no, I'm a
DEDICATED AND DETERMINED STUDENT, so I go back to the elevator
area... Look! Two doors are open! I run! Run! Both doors close
just as I fly into them. Grr! I wait for them to come back down,
both go up to the sixth floor of course. 6... 5.. 4... 4....
4.... one stops there, ok the other is just passing 3 now, 3... 2
... 2 ... 2 ... 2 ... 3... FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT HOW THE HELL DO

At this point I lost it and was primal screaming and kicking the
elevator doors and cursing up a storm. Some poor hapless young
student walks in right then as well. I stop, announce that the
elevators are broken again, he looks at me with full fear in his
eyes, "I'm just looking for a bathroom?"

So, woo, I scared some kid today. :)

Fortunately, the next elevator did pick me up, I got to class 20
minutes late, and I couldn't get a working computer, so I had to
take pen/paper notes. Ah well. It was good I went though, some
of the students with clear backgrounds in Pascal/BASIC were asking
about memory locations for objects, which I honestly didn't know
how that worked, so I learned something really keen from showing
up. It was just annoying getting there.

Then I went home and played Clue with Pooka, Bull, Tami, Chris,
emturtle, and Mike. Much fun. They also admired the Nobilis
book muchly, Tami decided she *must* read it cover to cover now.

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