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Ok, sure, sleep dep is a problem when driving, but how do you prove someone's not slept in long enough? Apparently New Jersey has the answer, because they've just banned driving while sleep deprived. Sigh.

Er, why isn't this more widely reported? U.S. researchers develop effective Ebola vaccine. Including:

The vaccine was made using a new approach that should work against a range of other viruses, as well, the researchers said. And the new technology might offer a quick way to develop an instant vaccine against new infections, such as SARS, or even a biological weapon.

Ok, this is fairly miraculous.

This is just about how I feel about California's gubernatorial race right now, Welcome to the Bizarre Show. Read the article. It's just funny. It includes the line, "California is behaving badly, like a disheveled celebrity gone off her meds."

There are some things I never liked about California. Their politics is high on that list.

And the really serious piece of news from this morning, Ashcroft Orders Tally Of Lighter Sentences

Attorney General John D. Ashcroft has ordered U.S. attorneys across the country to become much more aggressive in reporting to the Justice Department cases in which federal judges impose lighter sentences than called for in sentencing guidelines.

Bwa? What. the. Fuck. What, we don't have enough people in jail already? You know, us, the country with the most per capita inmates in the world? But they're CRIMINALS! They must be PUNISHED! Of course.

I mean, this line reads like it could have been assigned to the script of M*A*S*H for Major Frank Burns to read:

"Some judges felt they were not bound by any guidelines," one senior Justice Department official said. "They were ignored out of some sense that the judge was not beholden to them. . . ."

There needs to be more Patriotism in our country! And by that, I mean conformity!

No, really, this admirable former justice of the peace summed it up very well here:

Some federal judges have spoken out forcefully against what many of them see as a congressional and Justice Department assault on their independence. U.S. District Judge John S. Martin Jr. resigned from a federal court in Manhattan in June and accused Congress of attempting "to intimidate judges."

"For a judge to be deprived of the ability to consider all of the factors that go into formulating a just sentence is completely at odds with the sentencing philosophy that has been the hallmark of the American system of justice," Martin wrote in an op-ed page article in the New York Times.


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