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In other news..

For my Canadian friends, Gay Marriage Turns Into Explosive Issue in Canada, which I'm sure you're already aware of. However,

"There's not even one whisper (in favor of gay marriage)," Ottawa Liberal Member of Parliament Eugene Bellemare said of the 400 faxes and letters he has received on the issue.

That can be changed.

From the not-very-surprising department: Powell Says West Bank Barrier Hampers Peace Plan

From the more-reasons-to-blame-your-parents department: Hate Your Hair? Blame Your Mother's Diet

From the since-when-is-Saddam-Albert-Einstein? department:

From the I'd-like-to-see-this-work department: With Injection Sites, Canadian Drug Policy Seeks a Fix

From the We-will-still-do-this-alone! department: U.S. Cool To New U.N.Vote

As a note for that last article, however: The cost of this war we're bearing alone

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