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And in the news...

One down.... -- seriously, why was Poindexter ever allowed to return? This exit is good news.

Democratic 2004 Hopefuls Turn Punches on Each Other. This one's not good news, though not unexpected. I stand by my prediction that Kerry will take presidential nomination, and put Dean in the VP seat, though. Kerry has the look of a president about him, and that's something that matters to people. Yes, I know it's superficial, but it's true. Other than that, they're both pretty close in their platforms, and IMO would make a good team with one's enthusiasm being a good buoy for the other's stalwartism.

Whoa! Somewhere in the middle of the Reuters page, I found this: U.S. Wants Iraqis to Try Saddam if Caught - NY Times. That's actually really cool! Of course, we all know the USA isn't going to risk Saddam going to trial, he's going to arrive DOA when he's resurfaced. But hey, it's a nice gesture.

I just like this quote in Inspector says Iraqis talking, will reveal weapons programs from the Chicago Sun-Times:

''Signs of a weapons program are very different than the stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons that were a certainty before the war,'' Rockefeller said. ''We did not go to war to disrupt Saddam's weapons program, we went to disarm him.''

Yes, let's not forget that. Over 6000 Iraqis are dead right now as a result of our decision, we made the decision based on a lot of data given us about how much of a threat Saddam was. The start of a weapons program is not a threat we should be looking at, not when North Korea is actually being aggressive.

Speaking of North Korea, N. Korea's Neighbors Hopeful for Talks. It'd be nice to see them do the talks, but like most news these days, I'm going to believe it when I see it.

Ah, I know you pro-war types are still out there going, "But I believed in it because it liberated the Iraqi people!" Well, OK, so why do they not want us there? I listened to a program on NPR yesterday that illustrated that the sewage system will be another 18 months before it's even up to pre-war standards. Pre-war! This is not only morale, but life and death to many. Rock on.

However, we've been hesitating at sending soldiers to Liberia, who SO WANTS US THERE, they've been piling dead bodies in front of the US Embassy. Well, at least they're finally getting there. About time.


Interestingly, I didn't find this on CNN or Reuters: U.S. could leave Iraq by next summer. Oh, that would rule.

May I point out that we're going to be attacked by hackers over the internet? The Homeland Security department has gone so far as to even issue a warning to APPLY THAT PATCH! My big question is.... which one? It's not like MS has daily bugtraq warnings or anything. Ok, yes, there is enough information to know which one it is, but I find it funny that all of the articles I've read on the matter never actually name it, just describe it just enough to describe, well, any vulnerability. :)

Ok, and this long commentary is done, because it's home time for me. :)

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