gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Bush's speech.

Yes, I watched it today. I'm not going to comment on the stuff you might think obvious from me, because mostly he just evaded the questions I wanted to hear. However, I would like to highlight two things that aren't very well highlighted in any followups I've seen:

First of all, the short highlight.... his opening sentence to the opening question was:

THE PRESIDENT: Okay. Tom, I'm getting a little older, so when you ask four or five questions, it's hard for me to remember every question.

K, 'nough said on that one.

Secondly, I'm going to point this out, because I think it's just become my favorite Bushism ever:

Q Thank you, Mr. President. Staying with that theme, although there are some signs of improvement in the economy, there are sectors in the work force who feel like they're being left behind. They're concerned about jobs going overseas, that technology is taking over jobs. And these people are finding difficulty finding work. And although you're recommitted yourself to your tax cut policy, do you have any ideas or any plans within the administration of what you might do for these people who feel like there are fundamental changes happening in the work force and in the economy?

THE PRESIDENT: Sure. Listen, I fully understand what you're saying. In other words, as technology races through the economy, a lot of times worker skills don't keep up with technological change. And that's a significant issue that we've got to address in the country.

I think my idea of reemployment accounts makes a lot of sense. In essence, it says that you get $3,000 from the federal government to help you with training, day care, transportation, perhaps moving to another city. And if, within a period of time, you're able to find a job, you keep the balance as a reemployment bonus.

I know the community colleges provide a very important role in worker training, worker retraining. I look forward to working with our community colleges through the Department of Education, coordinate closely with states, particularly in those states in which technology is changing the nature of the job force.

I've always found the community college -- and this is from my days as the governor of Texas -- found the community college to be a very appropriate place for job training programs because they're more adaptable, their curriculums are easier to change, they're accessible. Community colleges are all over the place.

And -- but you're right. I mean, I think we need to make sure that people get the training necessary to keep up with the nature of the jobs, as jobs change.

Ok, so, basically she says, "What are you going to do about the outsourcing of our white collar jobs to India?" and he responds in essence, "Our people aren't being trained well enough, they need to go back to (community college) school."

Geezus Keeriste, what an insult to all of the out of work people with degrees out there right now. I mean, the reports are about jobs that REQUIRE at least a bachelor's education, generally more than that.

Ok, ok, I know it's because despite his "I fully understand what you're saying," he totally misunderstood the question... but that just makes it all the more Bushism!

I say we start outsourcing the presidency, then tell GWB to go back to school. :)

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