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So, got into a car with Neil and Bleys in Pittsburgh, Bleys hung over and muttering about "Cursed Punk Rockers", then transferred into roniliquidity's car in Columbus. Then we were two angry chicks with an angry soundtrack to match caravanning with the boys, scaring the midwesterners while flying past the flat scenery of long spells of plains grass with occasional interruptions of corn, and sprinklings of little white farmhouses.

God, I hate the midwest. Only place you'll find a guy on a motorcycle flying a flag bigger than him and the bike off the back.

Anyway, we hit the con. At that point it's a weekend of long spells of alcoholism with occasional interruptions of hitting the Dealer's Room. I did get to one seminar on "How to Run a Horror Game", but never did get around to actually gaming. Is ok.

I saw lots and lots and lots of people, too numerous to mention here. There will be some pictures soon of course. But, a brief list of people I wanted to mention:

1) oakthorne is my most recent addition to "Favorite People" list. He just rules, I'm glad I got to spend time with him.

2) trekhead was already on that list, but I was very happy to finally get spend time with him in real life after talking to him so many years online. Plus, he provided chairs at the Decipher booth. My feet love him most of all.

3) ladyjestyr is the person I wish I could have spent more time with. But I was glad to meet her in real life as well.

4) bryant for making his presence known, it's good that once every two years or so, my belief in his existance is reinforced.

5) Mari, Bleys, roniliquidity, and Neil for being good hotelmates and driving my ass around.

6) yukon_jack for providing the long spells of alcoholism. Next year, mang, our room, liquor store. Our treat.

7) eyebeams for being wiser than me, as always, and for being him.

Oh, and you wanted to know about the White Wolf announcement didn't you? Ok, no you didn't because if you were wondering, you'd know what it was from the forums already. But, in case there's someone out there going, "huh?" ... White Wolf is ending the World of Darkness line. The apocalypse, gehenna, ascension, or whatever word in your preferred line for END OF THE WORLD is... it's here. There will be continuances for post-apocalyptic lines for Vampire, Mage, and Werewolf. Big thing it was. My reaction? "It's about time!!!!" I'm very glad to see this, it will make for really interesting material coming up, and the World of Darkness needed a big change to revitalize it, and clean up a lot of the convolution.

However, the announcement film they made was really really cheesy, I think they hired a reject from Laibach to do the narration. The White Wolf party was a neat idea, looked cool being in a big glass room suspended over the streets of downtown Indianapolis with lots of neat lighting and jachilli spinning good music. However, the club atmosphere is ruined by the fact that the attendees are, well, White Wolf players. Let's put it this way, I got a lot of compliments on my dancing in that crowd. Plus, going outside and nearly finding myself with a little changeling player for a leg attachment while lamenting the end of his line... sigh. Plus, the place wasn't well ventilated (think LARPers after 3 days of a con, now dancing, sweaty, and in one unventilated room), and it had a habit of starting to bounce in time with the dancers pretty heavily. This does not make someone who studied the Tacoma Narrows Bridge from a young age very comfortable. The free drinks were good though.

Ok, today was back across the Midwest and to a very happy to see me home kitty (he gave me kisses for 10 minutes straight)... and now to bed. Aunt Bobby woke me up early this morning to ask if I could take grandma for more testing tomorrow morning, again early. So, I'm off to bed now. Nini!

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