gwen (gwenix) wrote,

LJ Killer results...

artbroken was the winner, bringing in 8 points! lexpendragon was a cool second with 3 points.

This initial playtest did show a few problems, though... so what I'm doing for future rounds (yes, there will be, many have already asked for them) is using the community I've set up: ljkiller

The rules will change *slightly*, and it will all be done through that forum. Specifically, I liked jackslack's idea about how in addition to the three clues given about the victim, you get one clue about your initial killer. This way your assassin can be found as well. The points system for descriptive kills did work out well, though, and brought in a couple of really good ones. That will remain.

The main change I'll be making, though, is that games will be started on a schedule, to make sure everyone who wants to play is available at the start. This went much faster than I'd anticipated.

Remember, ljkiller, go there, sign up. Even if you just want to watch. :)

Ok, the kills from this round:

lexpendragon kills nukeardekay
artbroken kills lexpendragon
artbroken kills d33ann
artbroken kills chrisla
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