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Canada vs USA

This is an obvious statement to many of you, but my readership is larger than just in the US or Canada, so I might be clarifying a bit too much.

In recent times, there has been a great polarization of politics in America. I do think that having more than one opinion is a great thing. I do not think that the aggressive nature behind some of the opinion divergence is a great thing.

Now, almost anyone left on my LJ at this point isn't going to be one of the people who are of those I'm referring to, so please don't think this an attack on anyone in particular here.

However, things have been happening here. People with anti-war or anti-Bush bumper stickers find their cars keyed. I have been yelled at for my opinions by random people. I also have not felt comfortable expressing myself in my own neighborhood, where the bumper stickers are more likely to say "Kill Osama Bin Laden" and the competition to see who can put out the most American Flags is clear, lest I find worse than a keyed car. I mean that I know my neighborhood would be more likely to throw bricks through my windows or start a fight with me on the street. And, well, there's a lot of feelings of "either you're with me or you're not" out there right now.

A few of us "leftist radicals" have been seeking solace amongst ourselves when we can. I find it odd that I'm seeking out comfort based on political leanings, when traditionally I've been pretty a-politics, but there it is. This is the state of America now. Not something we were brought up to believe is a part of America in school, we're supposed to be free and diverse you know.

Anyway, many of the "leftist" folks I talk to often discuss the option of moving to Canada. I'll admit that I've been entertaining the thought myself when considering schools to apply to for graduate school (UBC and UToronto are on the list). So when I was shown this article from the CBC about Americans looking to move to Canada due to the current state of America, it hit home. But most of all, the last two lines really sum up my feelings on it:

Conversely, Mollie Ingebrand says some of her friends - people who share her left-of-centre views - argue that she should stay at home to battle for changes here.

"I've been there and done that," Molly said. "I don't want to stay and fight anymore. I can have that bittersweet love for my country from somewhere else."

For me, I'm not ready to give up the fight yet. Even if I were to go to Canada, I'd not stop voting here. It's not that I think I'm necessarily right, it's that I think I need to keep asserting my side for proper representation. But there are many days when I'm really tired of it.
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