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Here solo tonight, and everything's going nuts of course. pantpant.

Today I mostly slept, finally hitting the bus at 10pm (last bus before I work), which drops me on E Carson about an hour too early for work. On my way into the Beehive to play some pinball (trying to get used to the new T3 machine), ran into Jim Valenti for the second time in as many weeks. So, we went to Zythos for some cider.

Nothing like hitting work tipsy to realize you're on shift solo. Woot! :)

Fortunately, only slightly tipsy, and it's all stuff I can do easily... it's just a *lot* of it tonight.

And I'd like to say I hate myself for liking this Iris song. It's incredibly gaYe. But damn, it's catchy in that Erasure way. No, wait, now into some burly clearly Einsturzende Neubauten inspired Das Ich. I feel much better now.

And now I finish my brief break for babbling at y'all and go back into the busy hell of server breakage tonight.
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