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The democrats have a petition for calling an investigation into the Bush Administration's lie about Uranium. Now, honestly, there's so much that could be pointed to, but this is the one they can probably make stick, thus the one that they're going after. Ah ha! The Smoking Gun! effect. Also, I'll mention that it's funny to say "full, independent, bipartisan investigation" when it's so clearly sponsored by one party... no, I know they mean to *make* that come about, but it's still kinda hedgy.

But anyway, I did it, I signed it, and I added comments. Because I know the comments are unlikely to ever be read, but merely put in the pile of "Yay" to this issue, I am sharing them with you guys.

First of all, I am a Republican, as I have been since I first registered to vote in 1991. Second of all, I was a protester. Not because I am against war in general, but because I am a strong and staunch believer in the American Way, a system created to show more freedom through justice than any other system in the world. I believe in this very strongly.

How does this relate? Because one of the intrinsic concepts of this justice is Due Process. I do realize that Due Process is legally only for the citizens of the USA, but it is an incredible concept that should be applied universally, showing our incredible ability to hold justice and freedom as virtues. When the remarks were first made to bypass the investigations and move directly to war in Iraq, I knew that this was bypassing this fundamental concept of Due Process. We were going to execution without evidence, without judge and jury.

I had stated publically that whether or not we eventually found the WMDs, this was a dangerous precedent to set. I am very sorry that we have not found them as of yet (July 11, 2003), this reflects badly on us against the rest of the world. But, I hope that we can understand that this is illustrating exactly why we need to follow Due Process even outside of our country. Freedom and Justice are not priviledges solely retained by the citizens of the United States of America, what has been so great about this country in the past is that it has recognized that these are fundamental human rights that should be applied to everyone. Applying this concept universally retains our honor, and our greatness.

I hope we can learn from this lesson.
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