gwen (gwenix) wrote,

Oh yah, and the nightmare I had.

So, the backdrop to this is that my travel agent got us a swank hotel room for GenCon at a hotel on a lake. I looked through the online photos of this hotel last night. Then as I was going home, I was eyeing the river being very very bloated after all the rains recently, which means it's all muddy with the current obviously strong.

So, I get to sleep later, absolutely exhausted, and had a dream about going to GenCon. We get there, and it's just like the pictures I see (of course, since that's the context I have). We go out on the lake, and watch the boats go past. And we're watching these strange contraptions that resemble a dumpster floating on a corner more than a boat, and people are racing them like they're in Crew. Cept there's only one paddle per "boat", and they're being used to steer as a rudder, not to paddle. And they're moving FAST. We quickly figure out that they're being carried by the current, and look down at our feet to realize that we're walking on the water, and it's very muddy and the current looks really fast. So this is where I fall in. And I realized that I'm caught in an undertow, and I'm being pulled further and further down, I can't make it back up to the murky light I see above me.

I woke up just as I drowned.


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